Molson Canadian is known for making their commercials very patriotic. This commercial specifically focuses on people around the world telling stories about their memories from the night before. All of the stories included a memorable evening due to a Canadian. Molson is positioning the beer as a cultural symbol. The beer is symbolic of Canada and the pride one has to be Canadian. This advertisement appeals to emotions by creating an emotional bond between the customer (Canadians) and the brand. The commercial portrays happiness, fun and friendship based on the stories that are being told. Additionally, this advertisement takes an affective tactic by once again, evoking feelings to match the brand. Beer is a highly competitive market; therefore by Molson focusing on emotions and a cultural symbol, it allows the brand to differentiate itself from other similar products. The commercial also provides a demonstration tactic of the product in action. By showing “what happens when Canadians get together” this commercial portrays that drinking a Molson Canadian beer and hanging out with Canadians is the best way to have a memorable (or not so memorable depending on how many beers they drink) night. 


Alexandra Marinelli- COMM 335-001 
Campaign, Message Tactics, Communication Appeals, Message Design