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Marketing in Motion
Marketing practice is rapidly changing. This topic explores the latest trends in marketing communications, digital and mobile marketing, social media, community / tribal marketing and value co-creation.
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Suggested by Erik Snucins!

How to Change Buying Cars Forever

The Dodge Dart Registry is a campaign by Chrysler that proclaimed the bold statement of ‘How to Change Buying Cars Forever’. This new campaign attempts to use crowdfunding in order to help finance a 2013 Dodge Dart, which is a sedan aimed at the younger generation for its cool interior and exterior and lively engine. The commercial explains how the website works and portrays how easy it will be for young people to get a new car by having their relatives and friends each supply a little bit of money in order to fund the entire vehicle. The users of the registry are encouraged to use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to campaign in order to try to procure their funding, which makes it an integrated campaign. This has become a successful campaign due to thousands of users setting up registries for free and many getting very close to fully funding their cars, including some not for profit charities.

            This campaign touches on the course concept of consumer insights by Chrysler analyzing the younger demographic and coming up with this entirely new way to approach them in terms of automobile sales. Their insights were that young people generally need a lot of help from family to purchase new cars and this would be a fresh way to attempt to get money without having to ask their family directly along with being able to see their progress as they go along. Chrysler understands their target audience and this is a clever way of marketing their new car as an attainable goal through their use of social media and their registry.


Erik Snucins, 06045350, Comm353-1, consumer insights, understand target audience, campaign

Karlos's curator insight, March 19, 2013 11:07 PM

So here is a new way of trying to sell something, by kinda not selling it at all, due to the buyer not paying for it. It just goes to show that the person who uses the item is not entirely the one that pays for it. Back to the principles of marketing and enticing your target market.

Mika de Wet's comment, March 21, 2013 4:42 AM
Wow i have never really thought f it but this is a really cool and it could actually work with the right kind of marketing skills.
Suggested by Kayla Crnic!

Bell Let's Talk

Bell Let's Talk | Marketing in Motion |

On February 12, 2013, Bell, one of Canada’s largest communications services, created the “Let’s Talk” campaign to raise awareness for mental health. With every text, tweet, or Facebook share, Bell would donate $0.05 towards mental health awareness. With the support of Bell customers and those inspired using social media, Bell donated over $4.8 million.


Social media and instant communication have become a necessary part of modern culture. The ability to share and connect is a powerful tool that can be used to influence our online social networks. Bell capitalized on the current market dynamics and was able to design a campaign that proved to be successful from a corporate and philanthropic perspective.


Bell created a simple message and delivered it in a way that engaged with its target audience. As a result, the marketing campaign was able to reach tens of millions by maximizing both the exposure and frequency the message was received. Bell was able to raise awareness for mental health along with reinforcing top of mind awareness for their telecommunication products and services.


As mentioned earlier, the 24-hour campaign cost Bell $4.8 million. When compared to a $4 million, 30-second Super Bowl commercial a few weeks earlier, Bell arguably received higher return on their marketing investment. The company was able to increase its brand equity while adding goodwill through the CSR initiative.


Kayla Crnic, 0619 5034, Comm335-002; campaign, brand equity, emotion, CSR, message deisgn, message delivery 

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Suggested by Carmen Mattich!

Prizes and underpants - How a sales promotion campaign could improve its performance with the help of underwear

Prizes and underpants - How a sales promotion campaign could improve its performance with the help of underwear | Marketing in Motion |

Generating a high number of social and media conversations and improving the demand for one’s product while even breaking a guinness world record…and as the icing on the cake, winning an award for the best sales promotion led campaign of the year 2012. Sounds like impossible? It’s possible!


In 2012, Dr Pepper launched the integrated marketing campaign „Pants or Prizes“which was meant to be a huge success. Concerning the sales promotion component, Dr Pepper sold special drink packs in stores. By texting the unique codes on promotional packs to a certain mobile number, the customer could win a prize such as e.g. an HDTV..or a pair of over 400,000 Dr Pepper underpants ! While those prizes were the extrinsic value for the customers and got them engaged, there was an intrinsic value to be added as well. Fans of the Dr Pepper Facebook page could add a branded pants graphic to a photo of themselves and upload it to the Dr. Pepper « Hall of Fame » online gallery.


All in all, this Dr Pepper franchise building promotion definitely increased awareness and knowledge of the brand and might have improved the image of the brand as well – since the customers actively participated in the activities the campaign provided. It’s an example of a creative and funny sales promotion campaign that successfully addressed customers.


Carmen Mattich, 10078435, COMM335-Section 001, direct, promotions, campaign

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