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Marketing practice is rapidly changing. This topic explores the latest trends in marketing communications, digital and mobile marketing, social media, community / tribal marketing and value co-creation.
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Suggested by Orietta Mukeza!

Sexy "Housekeeping"

Even though not a single word is said in Emporio Armani’s “Housekeeping” advertising spot, the message is very clear. The full-length video advertises the Armani Jeans brand by featuring Christiano Ronaldo, an attractive Portuguese football star, walking around his hotel room. The commercial opens with a freshly showered Ronaldo wearing nothing but tight Armani briefs emerging from the washroom and slowly putting on a pair of Armani Jeans while a hotel housekeeper looks on through the corner of her eye. Once he realizes his T-Shirt is not in his room, he starts looking for it, walking half-naked from one room to the next. Enjoying the view, the housekeeper finds his shirt but decides to hide it under a sofa cushion. This advertisement is an excellent example of a brand relying on sexual appeal to catch viewers’ attention. This tactic is quite common for clothing designers who use well-known sex icons like Ronaldo as decorative models. Though the spot’s sexual theme effectively attracts the attention of both male and female audiences, it may also become an undesired distraction. Instead of remembering the Emporio Armani brand name briefly shown at the end of the scene, those who view the commercial will more likely remember the sexy storyline and Ronaldo’s eye-catching body.


(Orietta Mukeza, 06056792, COMM335-1, Message Design, Emotional Appeal, Sex, Decorative Model, Campaign)

Julia Mia Raye's curator insight, May 20, 2013 12:30 PM

Excellent advert!!!

Suggested by x!

Sexual Ads: What is the Limit?

Despite being centered on sex and cars, the above video is actually an advertisement for eyeglasses.


This ad is a good example of overt sexuality as described in Chapter 5 of the textbook.  In this clip, sex is used to sell eyeglasses, which are not normally sexualized products.  Although this ad is from another country with different ethical advertising standards than we have in North America, this ad is controversial in nature as it blurs the lines on what is acceptable to show in public advertising.  


This ad plays off of viewer’s emotional appeal by using both sex and humour to bring to light a need, in this case for corrective eyewear.  Although some may find this ad funny, there is also a risk that many viewers may find it shocking or demeaning.


Sexual appeal is a very effective tactic at cutting through the clutter brought on by the overexposure to advertisement in today’s society.  This ad is proof that viewers have become so used to seeing overly sexual advertising that companies have to push the limits on what is acceptable to get any attention.  In continuing to push this limit, we as marketers must also remember how much society is shaped by pop-culture and advertising and ask ourselves: are we taking it too far?


Meghan Bourne, 0610 6974, Comm335-001; #CreativeStrategy #MarketingCommunicationAppeals #EmotionalAppeal #SexAppeals #OvertSexuality  #EthicalStandards 

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