Guinness’ Anti-Green-Beer Blitz Brings Ireland to Canada | Marketing Magazine | Marketing in Motion |

This St- Patrick’s day, Guinness Canada is trying to switch consumer drinking habits from enjoying green beer on March 17th to enjoying an “authentically Irish” pint of Guinness. The brand utilized event marketing as six “Irish ambassadors” descended on Toronto’s bars and pubs the week before St-Patrick’s Day to encourage consumers to “Paint the Town Black” and not green. The brand ensured they were talking to consumers on all platforms, in-person at the pubs, online with social media as well as with media appearances and attention-grabbing ads; and played on the value their target audience places on friendships with messages such as “Friends don’t let Friends drink green beer”. While it is still too early to tell whether this campaign was successful, this is an example of how to use an integrated marketing communications approach to redefine consumer habits on a day that aligns perfectly with your brand’s image. Michelle Bonnah, 0599 9589,COMM 335-2, campaign, article, events & experimental marketing, advertising, consumer habits