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Marketing practice is rapidly changing. This topic explores the latest trends in marketing communications, digital and mobile marketing, social media, community / tribal marketing and value co-creation.
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Scooped by Joachim Scholz, PhD!

Starbucks 'Tweet-a-Coffee' Campaign Prompted $180,000 in Purchases

Starbucks 'Tweet-a-Coffee' Campaign Prompted $180,000 in Purchases | Marketing in Motion |
Starbucks' "Tweet-a-Coffee" program prompted $180,000 in purchases.
Joachim Scholz, PhD's insight:

Twitter is right now moving into paid advertising, but there are so many better ways of how you can integrate twitter into your marketing mix to make a quick sale. Starbucks shows the way:


By tweeteing @tweetacoffee together with a friend's twitter handle (you can use mine to try that out :), you can send $5 along a friend's way to treat him or her to a coffee at the Bucks. Starbucks saw some okay returns on this, mainly though on the first day.


But the real treat (not for your friend, but for the company!) is that Starbucks has now linked some customers' twitter accounts to their customer IDs, enabling them to do some more data mining and consumer intelligence gathering. In other words, Starbucks loyalty program just went social. 

Here is a core quote from this short article:


"Ajani says the real coup for Starbucks is that it now has linked 54,000 users 'Twitter IDs to their mobile phones and customer IDs. "Here's proof that direct-response [marketing] works on Twitter," he says. Even better, Starbucks will now be able to access the Klout scores of those customers and see what topics interest them.

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Suggested by Carmen Mattich!

Prizes and underpants - How a sales promotion campaign could improve its performance with the help of underwear

Prizes and underpants - How a sales promotion campaign could improve its performance with the help of underwear | Marketing in Motion |

Generating a high number of social and media conversations and improving the demand for one’s product while even breaking a guinness world record…and as the icing on the cake, winning an award for the best sales promotion led campaign of the year 2012. Sounds like impossible? It’s possible!


In 2012, Dr Pepper launched the integrated marketing campaign „Pants or Prizes“which was meant to be a huge success. Concerning the sales promotion component, Dr Pepper sold special drink packs in stores. By texting the unique codes on promotional packs to a certain mobile number, the customer could win a prize such as e.g. an HDTV..or a pair of over 400,000 Dr Pepper underpants ! While those prizes were the extrinsic value for the customers and got them engaged, there was an intrinsic value to be added as well. Fans of the Dr Pepper Facebook page could add a branded pants graphic to a photo of themselves and upload it to the Dr. Pepper « Hall of Fame » online gallery.


All in all, this Dr Pepper franchise building promotion definitely increased awareness and knowledge of the brand and might have improved the image of the brand as well – since the customers actively participated in the activities the campaign provided. It’s an example of a creative and funny sales promotion campaign that successfully addressed customers.


Carmen Mattich, 10078435, COMM335-Section 001, direct, promotions, campaign

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