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Marketing practice is rapidly changing. This topic explores the latest trends in marketing communications, digital and mobile marketing, social media, community / tribal marketing and value co-creation.
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Suggested by Thuy Anh Nguyen!

The closet: a cock-and-bull story

Canal Plus is a French premium pay television channel. This commercial called “The closet” is showing a half-naked man justifying his presence in the closet of his mistress by telling an incredible story, being an author for Canal +.


Canal+ wanted to emphasize their specificity which differentiates them from the other channels: they are more than just a simple buyer of TV programs, they are a creative channel. This explains the idea of featuring people who have a unique know-how to create programs and imagination, to tell great stories.

This commercial illustrates very well some technics described in the message design process, the emotional appeals being the ones which are importantly used here. The beginning of the video creates a lot of astonishment at first because the viewer might not realize right away that he is watching a commercial; then it generates curiosity, suspense and interrogation. Canal+ creative team also used feelings like fear and worry, which at the end help in providing a humoristic punch line. It can be even funnier to the French audience as “The closet” is inspired from a classic of the French vaudeville: the lover in the closet.

The final words which complete the punch-line scene are “Lucas G. Screenwriter for Canal+” when all his subterfuge finally makes sense to the viewer.


Thuy Anh Nguyen, 10081293, COMM335-002, The Closet, funny commercial, fear, humor, creative

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Suggested by Kolby!

Volkswagen Super Bowl 2013 Game Day Commercial | Get In. Get Happy.

This Volkswagen commercial from the upcoming Superbowl does an excellent job of using humor and emotions to effectively position or reposition the latest version of the VW beatle. The commercial uses humor to relate the car with the happy, fun loving, carefree image often associated with Jamaicans. The company is doing a great job at branding their product and creating a lifestyle that consumers will want to associate themselves with through the purchase of the car. Essentially, they are positioning the Beatle as the "fun or happy" alternative to other more boring and professional cars. Through their use of humor, VW is attmepting to create a viral video which consumers can share via the internet with other like minded individuals in an attempt to achieve "reward power". In doing so, consumers will receive social approval or positive reinforcement about the car, thus increasing the likeliehood of purchase. Overall, VW has once again created an ad that effectively positions their product as perhaps cute, happy and fun. This ad will surely increase word of mouth marketing for the brand, especially through social media outlets.


Kolby Kyle, 06204699, Comm335-1, campaign, branding, relationship, positioning, reference groups 

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Suggested by Carley Williamson!

Marketing with Humor

This Carlton Draught commercial features an outlandish and cliché 1970s Hollywood car chase – without the cars. Instead the beer-loving bank robbers flee from the group of cops on foot, with their beer constantly in hand.


This advertisement is clearly using the emotional appeal of humor to connect with its audience. This is an effective tactic for this market because although beers can have different attributes – for example there are brown ales, pale ales, stouts, porters, etc. – they are also very close substitutes for one another and still have a high degree of brand parity. By using this humorous commercial, Carlton Draught is able to break through the clutter and stand out in a meaningful way, influencing the liking, preference, and conviction of the brand.


Humor in marketing does not always work however, and therefore it is valuable to consider how Carlton Draught made it a success. First of all, the commercial was very clear in its message: that nothing can separate a man from his Carlton Draught beer. Second of all, it never lost focus on the brand, ensuring that the beer was in every shot and played an important role in the narrative. Finally, the commercial left a deep positive impression; with the advertisement leaving a subtle “don’t drink and drive” message. These features combined with the humor are ultimately what made the commercial such a success. 


Carley Williamson, 06052579, COMM335-2, emotional appeals, humor appeals

Janardin Bhana's curator insight, September 5, 2014 6:09 PM

Brand parity, is where there isn't much of a difference in the brands. Carlton Drought uses humor in there advertisement to break through clutter and noise