Because of the fact that so many products are sold in markets with very little product differentiation marketing professionals view emotional advertising as the key to brand loyalty. There is no definitive answer for which emotional appeal is the best, as it will differ based on the product and also the types of consumers that the brand is targeting. However, in the case of soft drinks Pepsi has shown us that humor can be incredibly powerful. 10 months ago Pepsi released an ad that focused on happiness and utilized a fantasy to try and associate their brand with their “Live For Now” slogan. The ad was very well done, however it has only received 1.2 million views since it was launched. 6 days ago Pepsi released another video, but this one focused on humor appeal. The video features Nascar driver Jeff Gordon and films him as he plays a prank on an unsuspecting car salesmen. It has been incredibly well received as it has already generated almost 26 million views and thousands of shares on social media sites. Some would say this is successful and that the ad is already a huge hit for Pepsi. I on the other hand question its real effectiveness. I feel like the humor overpowers the message and people are not going to remember the brand. Pepsi does not do a great job of connecting the humor to the product or its benefits. It does not tie in the products attributes, the product benefits, or the personal value that is obtained from consuming their beverage. The brand or product is barely present during the advertisement and (in my eyes) is poorly linked at the end.


The Pepsi ad does a great job at cutting through the clutter. Its also hilarious, there’s no denying that. Both of these things are great in theory and most would think they are key indicators of a successful marketing message. But as we have seen, this is not always the case. Like many humorous ads from the past, “hilarious” does not always indicate success.


Only time will tell how effective the video really is. But in the mean time, how do you think it will do?


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