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Marketing practice is rapidly changing. This topic explores the latest trends in marketing communications, digital and mobile marketing, social media, community / tribal marketing and value co-creation.
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Scooped by Joachim Scholz, PhD!

Washington: A world apart

Washington: A world apart | Marketing in Motion |
A world apart: One-third of Zip codes in the D.C. area are considered ‘Super Zips’ for wealth and education
Joachim Scholz, PhD's insight:

Not really a new or surprising phenomenon, but this is an interesting map to have: How rich are the different zip codes in the US? Obviously this is important for geographic segmentation, which experiences a renaissance with mobile marketing.

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Suggested by Ben Keefe!

How to Make the Most of Mobile Local Search

How to Make the Most of Mobile Local Search | Marketing in Motion |

Geodemographic segmentation has been frequently used by brands, as it is able to combine traditional segmentation tactics – geographic, demographic, and psychographic – and target a consumer group whose interests align (based on location + previous search activity) with what the brand has to offer. Traditionally, geodemographic targeting has taken place primarily on the internet, and is based on the consumer’s location and previous internet search activity. However, a new platform is becoming integral in the geodemographic targeting strategy of brands: mobile.


Given that consumers spend countless hours on their smartphones, the mobile local search is giving smaller companies a chance to target key local consumers, and cater to their interests based on their search activity (on their phones) and their location. This form of targeting is easy to measure for these companies, and can allow smaller companies to compete with bigger brands by implementing a highly targeted strategy for their business. One caution with this strategy is that many consumers may find it intrusive and resist this form of targeting. However, geodemographic targeting’s ability to combine data with consumer activity, and target advertising activity to local behaviours and activity is giving small companies an edge.


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