This is a Youtube review of OREO’s mobile game “Twist, Lick, Dunk”. This game re-imagines the childhood tradition of how to eat OREOs. It is similar to fruit ninja where players swipe across the OREOs flying from the right side of the screen to twist them, and swipe them again to lick, and dunk them into the glass of milk on the left side of the screen. The more you can swipe in a row, the more points you get. Some OREO flavours are also worth more points than others. Overall this game is a form of content marketing for digital advertising. In the hierarchy of effects, it helps OREO to spread awareness and knowledge of its brand.  It teaches consumers how to eat OREOs and engage them to learn the different flavours of OREOs. In addition, it also increases the likability of OREOs by recalling the traditional appeal of eating OREOs and the aesthetic game design entices an emotional appeal. I think this is not only a well-thought out marketing campaign, “Twist, Lick, Dunk” can really attract the younger demographics that might not have seen the old commercial of how to eat OREOs. It is brilliant because it reinforces the differentiating point of OREO that is different from all other cookies.


Ruby Chung, 0617-8089 , Comm 335-2, campaign, digital advertising, hiearchy of effects