McDonald’s has recently been trying to reposition its brand as greener and healthier. This video matches this shift of image McDonald’s attempted to initiate few years ago. It shows why there is such a big discrepancy between the appearance of the food offered in the restaurants, and the one displayed on their advertisings.

This effort to be transparent is a really good marketing strategy. It answers growing customers’ concerns about the quality of the food sold in fast food chains. The video is aimed at reassuring them about the quality of the food McDonald’s offers. It shows that the products used are the same in the advertisings as in the shops. It reminds us of a documentary and employs rational appeal. Since McDonald’s already benefits from a high awareness amongst customers, we can assume that this video is meant to increase consumers’ preference for McDonald’s products over other fast food items they can find on the market. The message is that McDonald's is only good but genuine.

This video is part of the bigger project “behind the scenes”: people can post questions on a YouTube channel and McDonalds provide an answer to their concerns with a video.

The Internet and social medias are perfect medias for such a campaign, as it allows a strong interaction with the client. In order to create preference, McDonald's attempts to build a strong and loyal relationship with its customers.