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Marketing practice is rapidly changing. This topic explores the latest trends in marketing communications, digital and mobile marketing, social media, community / tribal marketing and value co-creation.
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Suggested by Jeremy Vincent!

Dell reinvigorates marketing to tackle PC decline | News | Marketing Week

Dell reinvigorates marketing to tackle PC decline | News | Marketing Week | Marketing in Motion |

This article explores Dell's new marketing campaign which is in retaliation to declining PC sales. Dell has set up a number of laptops and tablets in Heathrow Airport which allows users to understand first-hand how Dell and Windows 8 can make their business run more efficiently. Dell recognized that "chucking money at TV ad is easy", but not necessarily effective. The company has integrated this experimental campaign with a complementary social marketing campaign. 

                Dell’s target audience is business travellers who may be looking to upgrade their obsolete technology within their own companies. By having users test the technology risk-free (and without a heavy investment of time since we all spend a lot of time waiting around at an airport anyways), Dell is firmly planting itself within the buyer’s evaluation of alternatives. Additionally, Dell is utilizing the experience Windows 8 and touch screens offer to attract potential buyers. As we learned in class, experience and branding go hand-in-hand. Finally, this marketing strategy reinforces the notion that traditional marketing is no longer effective and new methods must be used to capture the buyers’ attention. It will be interesting to observe if this new and modern marketing technique allows Dell to meet their goals.


(Jeremy Vincent, 06096528, Comm335-1, segmentation, experience, branding, article)

Joachim Scholz, PhD's insight:

nicely link to class concepts, though I rather would connect displaying Dell computers in the airport to the information / need recognition phase, not the evaluation of alternatves. you mention that customers might want to upgrade their obsolete technology: if they are not aware yet that windows 8 is out and that it is helping them in their business, this campaign rather aims at need recognition. Similarly, trying out a product risk free is part of the information search phase. but well done otherwise!

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Suggested by Lauren Archibald!

Budweiser's Success on Branding: Flash Fans

This Budweiser commercial from last year’s Superbowl does an excellent job of pulling on viewer’s emotions and Canadian’s love of hockey. It recognizes people who play hockey for the pure love of the sport and this is the exact audience that Budweiser is trying to attract. The company is doing a great job at branding their product and creating a lifestyle that consumers will want to associate themselves with. The video creates a reason for consumers to share the brand experience together through hockey. Budweiser has created an amazing memory for all of those rec hockey players involved and their friends and family who came out to support them. The shot of the player sitting on the ice at the end of the game is enough to say it all. This experience will drive word of mouth marketing for the brand in that area and even further geographically through social media means.


Lauren Archibald, 06008113, Comm335-1, campaign, branding, product-fit, relationship 

Joachim Scholz, PhD's insight:

really great example, and well connected to course concepts!

Joachim Scholz, PhD's comment, January 28, 2013 7:55 AM
One thing though: I rather think that this is an emotional appeal in the ad. Who didn't get goose bumps towards the end?