AXE Canada wins big with its first eCommerce launch! | Marketing in Motion |

We've all seen the "Leave a Man, Come Back a Hero" TV spots for AXE's Apollo Space campaign. Another way that that the personal care brand has added onto this IMC is through the eCommerce activation. AXE partnered with online beauty and grooming retailer to offer fans the chance to try the Apollo products before it hit traditional “Brick and Motor” stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart. AXE consumers would benefit from exclusively sampling the products before their peers and having the convenience of the product delivered to their doorstep. AXE used its AXE Canada Facebook page, with over 340,000 fans, to draw attention to the Apollo page. This was the first eCommerce activation orchestrated by Unilever Canada and due to the large success one can predict that the personal care brands will continue to enter this growing landscape. 


Although the IMC as a whole is affective, one would argue that the online purchasing aspect is a hybrid of cognitive and conative. For consumers that are more inclined to purchase online and more comfortable with online purchasing this becomes an impulse purchase and is more conative. However, if the consumer is not showing a greater propensity of consume online it is a cognitive purchase and the consumer purchases online because of the convenience of purchasing online and the exclusivity of receiving a product that is not yet released. Due to the functionality of the eCommerce website the stage of the buying process is obviously the purchasing area.

This ultimately will achieve the same objectives as the TV spot. AXE wants to appeal as a relevant brand to younger consumers and one of the best ways to do so is buy using a tool that reflects and embodies the consumers’ digital literacy. By occupying the eCommerce landscape, an area that the target is already comfortable with, AXE can achieve it’s communication goals all the while driving trial to the AXE Masterbrand. If more consumers who use one AXE products start using more products within the portfolio AXE can own the consumers grooming regime and ultimately win the category.


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