The use of celebrity spokespeople is extremely risky, as the endorser may do something to tarnish the associated brand. This has contributed to the declining use of celebrity endorsements.


A recent ad for the Jeep Grand Cherokee uses an affective tactic, evoking feelings of motivation and triumph among consumers. Jeep has utilized Al Pacino’s famous speech from the film "Any Given Sunday", in which he plays a football coach. In this peripheral route to persuasion, Jeep exploited the “familiarity effect”, knowing that repetition often creates positive attitudes.


Using characters as pseudo-celebrity spokespeople mitigates the risk that real-life spokespeople may, in the future, act against the best interests of an associated brand. Though the source may not be considered equally credible, I would argue that, depending on the character, consumers’ emotional bonds to the spokesperson may be strong enough for them to be equally effective.


Madeline MacKenzie, 06046885, COMM 335- 001- campaign, message design, familiarity effect, affective tactic, spokespeople