The above commercial played during the 2013 Superbowl is a two-minute commercial that discusses why God placed farmers on the earth. Until the very last seconds of this commercial, the viewer is not aware of what brand is being advertised. Viewers eventually find out that this commerical is for the Dodge Ram. Dodge did an excellent job on brand positioning. They created a perception in the consumer’s mind regarding the nature of the company and its products relative to competitors. Throughout the commercial, a narrative coupled with a series of pictures explains all the attributes and tasks a farmer completes in a lifetime; wakes up at 4am to farm, someone who is strong enough to cut down trees and move bales of hay.  This evidently shows how Dodge used a product user positioning strategy by clearly specifying who might use the Dodge Ram.  In addition to this, Dodge did an excellent job at allowing customers to feel a bond with the brand through using an emotional appeal. Any person who has done the slightest bit of farming can relate to the commercial that Dodge has presented. 


Alexandra Marinelli, 06143978, COMM 335- 001- campaign, branding, positioning, emotional appeal,  product user positioning strategy, Dodge Ram