Domino's Posts Customer Reviews, Good and Bad, in Times Square | Marketing in Motion |

In order to break through the clutter that exists within the highly saturated pizza market, Domino’s elected to make creative use of the consumer insights that it had been collecting through online consumer feedback. More specifically, the organization decided to feature select customer comments (both positive and negative) on an enormous digital billboard in New York City’s Times Square. By doing this, Domino’s hoped to both increase its perceived transparency and improve its quality consistency as well. However, this initiative failed; Domino’s excessive honesty led to an overexposure of the company’s flaws, ultimately tarnishing its perceived product quality.

In COMM 335, we have often spoken of both the importance of collecting consumer insights and also of the difficulties that company’s face when trying to “break through the clutter” of saturated markets. Though unsuccessful, Domino’s has provided us with an excellent example of how companies can creatively tie both objectives together. 


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