Pepsi’s Uncle Drew commercial was broadcasted in 2012, this campaign was very well know in social medias and became viral few days after it was launched. We almost can’t see any pepsi logo during the commercial, we even can say that this can be considered as a mix between product placement and branded entertainment. The complete advertisement has more than 4 minutes of duration, that means, it couldn’t be showed on TV. All we can see about Pepsi in this commercial is, sometimes, someone drinking a Pepsi. We can easily say that this campaign was one of the most successful viral of 2012. All was recorded in a court in LA, and the crowd watching the game thought that the camera was there for a documentary about street basketball. The success of the  campaign was so great that Pepsi also requested the production of two other chapters, and the Uncle Drew commercial is already in part 3.


Antonio Guimaraes, COMM 335-1, Branding, Product Placement, advertisement, video