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Spending more than $600 billion per year, gay and lesbian consumers are beginning to be targeted by companies with great success. One highly effective and award winning campaign by “& Co” was Bianco Footwear’s “How to double your collection” of shoes advertisement.


Utilizing a peripheral route to persuasion, Bianco employs simple cues such as two men or women intimately together establishing the clear distinction that it is a gay or lesbian couple, creating an immediate emotional connection within the LGBT community. However, it is the phrase “How to double your collection” that creates the humourous appeal and realization that effectively a gay or lesbian couple could double their wardrobe if they wanted. Using an affective tactic, Bianco is trying to create liking, preference and conviction among their gay and lesbian consumers, influencing behaviours such as dressing alike to purchase more clothing, specifically footwear. From information search to making actual purchase decisions, Bianco has done an exceptional job at targeting their gay and lesbian consumers to begin taking advantage of the purchasing power and disposable income. With approximately 89% of gays and lesbians being brand-affiliated and highly likely to seek out brands that advertise to them, it would be a poor decision for any company to exclude such an important demographic from their advertising campaigns. 


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