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Which Social Networks Take Home the Gold? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Which Social Networks Take Home the Gold? [INFOGRAPHIC] | Marketing coach2u |

Breaking down demographic, geographic and search data that shows which networks are the underdogs and which have mounted the winners' podium.

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How social media and digital marketing has impacted global branding - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice

How social media and digital marketing has impacted global branding - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice | Marketing coach2u |
Tips and examples to help plan and run global-local social media campaigns Whilst the emergence of social media makes it increasingly difficult to contain. Marketing topic(s):International marketing. Advice by Guest Expert.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Perfect Call to Action [Infographic]

Everything You Need To Know About The Perfect Call to Action [Infographic] | Marketing coach2u |

A call to action isn’t just limited to e-commerce websites; every website should have an objective. The objective of a website could be placing an order, reading related articles, subscribing to the newsletter or filling in a contact form. Make sure that the visitor knows what is expected of him and enable him to do so.


There are several techniques to implement the call to action in a email. The basic tip is not to create a dead-end where a user doesn’t know where to go next. If he doesn’t know where to go next, he’ll leave your website and increase the bounce rate. Help him browse to other pages by using a clear call to action.


Email marketing method is most effective for beginners who need to spread the word about their abilities and services. Mailers can lead to your initial contracts. Mail out a brief business card that highlights the services you offer, attached to a detailed brochure that elaborates on the scope of your business and operations. For those who are interested, undertake a formal personal introduction, expanding on the abilities you outlined in your business card and brochure. Relate your abilities to their business’ expansion and streamlining needs. End with a formal request to speak to the decision-maker, or a “call to action,” as it’s typically termed. Without a formal call to action, there is no real point to mailer marketing.


Hopefully, you’ll learn a lot in this infographic by which will give you information about dos and don’ts for designing the perfect call to action for email marketing.

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Four Steps to a Social Media Strategy [Infographic]

Four Steps to a Social Media Strategy [Infographic] | Marketing coach2u |

Engaging customers online requires more than just being on the same social networks they are on. You first need to determine what your goals are for social media, how to measure the success of those goals, what tactics to use in your plan, and how to execute that plan. In other words, you need a strategy.


Click on the link for the complete infographic, including details on what options are available in terms of social media platforms, the different values of each, and how they relate to your potential needs.

Additionally, learn about how well they perform with regard to the 4 defined steps in developing a effective social media plan of action, which are:

Define your goals Define your metrics Decide on tactics Execute a successful strategy


So, for those getting started, or anyone who may be re-evaluating an existing social media strategy, check out this infographic that helps inform, organize and achieve online social media goals.

Via Lauren Moss, Cambridge Marketing College
kendall irvine's comment, September 25, 2013 8:20 PM
I really enjoyed this article due to the simplicity of the inforgraphic showcasing the information in a colourful and engaging way. As there are several types of social media such as facebook, twitter and tumblr (blogs) having media stratergy for each one is important. All of them have different communiction features and different target audiences. Kamal has chosen well and agreeing with emma that this really links well with the week 7 lecture topic.
Christine IMC's curator insight, September 26, 2013 10:15 PM

This is a good article as it uses infographics which makes it easier to understand and take in the idea of developing and implementing a media strategy and in this case for social media. The first 4 steps are the basics to developing a strategy and then it expands on it with not great detail but just the quick basic information one needs to know. Although one thing it doesn't mention though is analyzing a market or finding a target market which I beleive helps within the process of developing a strategy, knowing what potential customers to target or what market or segment.

Selina EverHungry Nihalani's curator insight, October 6, 2013 6:23 PM

In today’s market, social media has become an essential factor of building a business strategy. It is very important that we approach and engage customers through social sites. In the beginning of this article, it shows that a successful social media strategy depends on establishing a sound business goal. Goals must be defined clearly to utilize the appropriate social media in achieving the business goal. After the goals are set, it is also important to define the metrics and tactics. This is because these will measure whether the social media efforts are creating consideration and conversions with the target audience. Through this process, companies can evaluate and measure success and failures, and prepare for a better business strategy to succeed in social media.

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Putting Mobile at the Heart of Customer Service

Putting Mobile at the Heart of Customer Service | Marketing coach2u |

The increasing prevalence of mobile and its use for more than a simple phone call or a text message, is putting pressure on organizations to extend their customer service to this medium.


Customers are rarely away from their mobile phones and it's become instinctive to use the devices as a first step to resolve support issues. Apps, which according to a Deloitte study, are expected to be worth more than $2 billion this year, have become an easy way to communicate with organizations over a smartphone.

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Content is king: Still true in the mobile era? |

Content is king: Still true in the mobile era? | | Marketing coach2u |

Content is king, but in the mobile era, it will only remain king if it is optimized for mobile devices.


Bill Gates was the first to coin the phrase “content is king,” and ever since he coined it in 1996, content creators, website owners, journalists and pundits of the digital era have recited it, dissected it, argued about it or agreed on it.

Via Alex Butler
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Pinterest for Business in 3 Easy Steps!

Pinterest for Business in 3 Easy Steps! | Marketing coach2u |


When you hear someone say the word Pinterest, what comes to mind? In most cases your probably thinking stay at home mom, or even your grandmother. Am I right? The service is a little more than a showcase of favourite recipes and clothes.

Things have changed. Many businesses are taking advantage of Pinterest’s highly visual platform to build brand awareness and enhance their reputation. Yes, another social media platform your business needs to be present on…I can just hear the collective sigh out there! Don’t despair. Leveraging Pinterest for your business, and establishing your presence, your promotions, and share-able content creation is easily doable. Before outlining the first you must be convinced that your business needs to be on this platform.

So why use Pinterest?
Many businesses have finally jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. The main reason is Pinterest does something no other social media does. It presents consumers with images in a simple, fast and easy to consume manner. Brands embrace it because it tells a compelling story that allows for interpretation for each consumer, thus starting a one-to-one conversation.

1. Establish your Presence
One of the strategies for using Pinterest is to first make sure you are projecting the right business image. This can’t be stressed enough. Keep your profile professional, this includes your photos, name, pins and so on. All these aspects directly reflect your business, so it’s important to follow these guidelines.


2. Picture Promotions
Many businesses today are taking full advantage of Pinterest for a number of reasons. Many people are now making use of promotions. To start utilizing Pinterest for business promotion is simple. Just organize a promotion for your fan base, and make sure it provides them an incentive to post their own images of your products. You can also use your Twitter and Facebook pages to market your promotion beforehand to grow your community.


3. Content
On Pinterest it’s important that the boards you create reflect your business or area of expertise. This can either make or break your success of your marketing campaign. It’s key in choosing boards that are related to your niche, and it wouldn’t hurt to follow brands that are related to your business.


Pinterest platforms user base is growing exponentially, which means it’s time for more businesses to take the plunge, and get started. Here are some key words of advice: Put your best foot forward through sharing valuable images and video. Remember, the old adage… a photo is worth a thousand words… and a very powerful marketing tool.


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The Diminishing Distinction Between Marketing and Customer ...

The Diminishing Distinction Between Marketing and Customer ... | Marketing coach2u |
In just the last few years, customer service has begun its most profound transformation yet. The volume, speed and public nature of social media conversations is not only making it possible for companies...
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