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“…don't let anybody kid you. It's all personal, every bit of business.” – Mario Puzo, The Godfather


Creating a highly personalized and compelling customer experience that serves to drive business results is the challenge for marketers.  When executed correctly in-store, real-time, mobile marketing provides yet another vehicle to optimize customer loyalty and satisfaction and capture value.   


Data suggests that mobile, tech-savy shoppers are more receptive to receiving personalized promotions on their smartphones as long as these promotions enhance the shopping experience.  The challenge is in correctly identifying and leveraging individual consumer insights through such hyper-targeted mobile marketing campaigns.  The days of ‘spray and pray’ are over. 


Heightening the customer experience includes promoting complementary product lines.  Retailers should take note that seventy-one percent of customers surveyed identified that they would make a purchase if presented with a promotion on their smartphone for a complementary product; perhaps a coordinating hat and scarf to accompany the new coat you are purchasing.  Delivering mobile notifications tailored to customer needs while clients are in-store will drive profitability as long as the customer feels that the business truly understands his or her requirements.


Marketing success and the ability to speak to clients on a one-on-one basis drives sales when executed correctly.  However, marketers need to be warned - get it right or risk damaging the customer experience, relationship and, ultimately, the ability to capture value – because, in business, its all personal.

Via Joachim Scholz, PhD