Hewlett-Packard Sales Slump Tests CEO Whitman | marketing tips | Scoop.it

Hewlett-Packard Co. posted its biggest quarterly loss in at least two decades as demand for personal computers and services aimed at businesses slumped, underscoring the turnaround challenge facing Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman.


Note from Pat: A couple of interesting comments....first is "....the amount of time it takes to close deals is lengthening" and the other is "It's (servers aimed at helping consumer Internet companies handle the rising tide of data) where all the growth in the market is."


Hopefully she's looking at where the market is going so she can be first to arrive...rather than at where the market is today so she can be last to arrive as everyone else moves on.


And why is the time to close deals lengthening?  From most research out there, B2B sales are starting later in the cycle because of all the content available on the web for the buyer to suck up before having to go to a sales person.