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5 Reasons to Schedule More Business Lunches

5 Reasons to Schedule More Business Lunches | marketing tips |
Have an important meeting? Here are five reasons to do it over lunch, and some tips to make the most of it.
mcgrawmarketing's insight:

Note from Pat: I think we (society) are hiding behind technology (social networking sites, email, text) and our relationships are suffering...we know someone, but do we really know them based on their online persona?


That's why, my 2013 New Year's Resolution is to reach out to my family, friends and colleagues and try to get together for coffee or lunch or an after work drink.  (The fall back position is to schedule a call.)


The goal?  Face-to-face interaction leads to better conversations that identify ways I can help you...versus me offering an 'LOL love that picture' when you post something about cats on Facebook.


What about you - do you get out and meet with colleagues, clients, customers over lunch or coffee?  Or do you limit your interaction to texting, Facebook posts, Tweets....

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Best Way to Introduce Yourself

Best Way to Introduce Yourself | marketing tips |

Who is the most important audience? Hint: It's not the people you meet.


Note from Pat: Valuable tips...learned something new myself.  (A daily occurance for me!!)

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