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Market to real people
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Story Selling in A Winning B2B Integrated Marketing Campaign

Story Selling in A Winning B2B Integrated Marketing Campaign | Market to real people |

I've rescooped this article from fellow curator John Kratz because I thought it was so good. It is a great example of how a company ramped up business once it started sharing stories of its customers -- with customers as the heros. Take notes folks! And thanks John for finding and sharing this article.


The year is 2008 and you are in the Financial Services Business.


"How do you turn a quiet, sales-driven organization into a B2B marketing powerhouse?"


"Consider the story of Lincoln Financial Group, a traditionally sales-centric organization... The 106-year-old financial services, insurance, and annuities company..."


"Lincoln Financial had previously conducted research showing that the more people take charge of their lives, including their finances, the better they feel about the direction of their lives."


"While others in the category seemed to be drawn to using fear in their advertising, we felt the time was right to try a new, more optimistic approach."


"...the campaign showcased a video of women of all ages showing how they take charge of their lives and provided educational content to help women do just that. The PR focused on the research results. The Chief Life Officer ads continued the "take charge, optimistic theme," which was reinforced in social media.


"And how has the integrated campaign done?"


Read the success story here:


Via Ken Jondahl, Karen Dietz, John van den Brink
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How to Help Your Customers Help You by Sharing Their Stories

How to Help Your Customers Help You by Sharing Their Stories | Market to real people |
In this example, a single customer interview netted more than 38 pieces of content. And here are the essentials on how to get your customers to help you.


Love this very clear how-to article for gathering customer stories. The author provides very clear steps on how to get this done. Yeah!


Her best piece of advice is to not do the interviews yourself -- find someone else who is a good listener, maybe even someone outside your company. Excellent tip. Asking customers for their stories is sometimes hard to do. Maybe the story the business wants to hear is not the story your customer wants to tell -- and I don't mean that customers want to complain. I just mean that businesses need to be open to all kinds of stories a customer may want to share. Sometimes it is a lot easier for a neutral party to gather these stories for you.


My only other comment is that the author focuses on case studies. But case studies are not the only kind of customer narrative to write. Case studies are not the only effective kind of customer story to share. Better to just collect the stories and then determine what form to use.


It is fabulous that the author shares how a single story can parley into 38 pieces of content. That is a content creator's dream come true! 


Read the article for the author's process, great tips, and a free downloadable book. 


Thanks Giuseppe Mauriello @pinomauriello for suggesting this article to me!


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

Via Karen Dietz
Victoria Morgia Jamolod-Umbo's comment, September 28, 2012 6:59 AM
A very inspiring story. Hopefully, this will serve as an educational inspiration to many people....
Karen Dietz's comment, September 28, 2012 9:56 AM
I hope so too Victoria. So glad you liked the article. Have a happy day!