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Container Logistics (CFS & ICD) Market in India 2012

The rise in containerized cargo traffic has led to the growth in CFSs and ICDs. Development of a dedicated freight corridor running across India is expected to be beneficial for CFS/ICD providers. Strong growth and high profit margins are acting as incentives for existing and new players to make large investments.

The report begins with an introduction section, projecting the evolution of containerization globally as well as in India. It then shows the value chain in the logistics market and the container logistics market.

Market overview section provides a brief snapshot of the Container Logistics Market. This section includes the market size of the container logistics market in India in terms of container cargo traffic in 12 major ports in India, demonstrating the forecasted growth over the period FY2011 - FY2016. The section then gives a snapshot of the market in the three container logistics segments. This section also shows the current scenario of the container logistics infrastructure and the estimated investment needed in it by 2020. Further this section maps the major maritime states & ports in India and highlights the ICDs in India. It then points out the ICDs/CFSs operations followed by their functions and benefits.

Pre requisite & regulations section deals with the set up requirements ICDs/ CFSs in India followed by regulations for approval of ICDs/ CFSs and the archaic legislation attached with it. Further, export & import procedures through ICDs and CFSs are also explained.

Government initiative section emphasizes on the investment in logistics infrastructure, container terminal privatization, logistics support at JN Port – India’s largest container port, planned investment on projects at JN Port till 2019-20, future expansion projects at JN Port and projects in progress at JN Port.

Foreign investment section points out the channels of entry in India for the foreign investors, some recent inbound M&A transactions and joint ventures in India in container logistics sector. Subsequently, the pros & cons for foreign investors in storage based segment such as CFSs / ICDs are also shown.

Market Influencers section in the report provides a comprehensive set of factors which boosts and hinders the growth in the market. An analysis of the section brings forth the key drivers fueling growth in the market including growth in containerized cargo, improvement in custom clearance activities, higher margins in comparison with other logistics activities, and construction of dedicated freight corridor. While the challenges identified comprises of high costs entailed for the development of a facility and archaic procedures for the movement of containerized cargo.

Improvement needs at dry ports section highlights the development requirements at the dry ports i.e. ICDs and CFSs in India.

The competition section profiles the major players in container logistics market in India in details within the report which enables readers to get a clear picture of the current competitive scenario. The section lists the basic details of the players such as corporate information, business highlights and key members. The section also features financial analysis of key vendors which in turn provides us with the financial health of players.

Table of Contents :

Page 1: Executive summary
Page 2: Evolution of Containerization - Global
Page 3: Evolution of Containerization - India
Page 4: Value Chain
Market Overview
Page 5-6: Container Logistics – Overview, Cargo Break-up, Container Logistics segments, Market Size, Difference between ICD and CFS
Page 7: Strategic Insights
Page 8: Market Segments - Snapshot
Page 9: Container Logistics Infrastructure – Current Scenario
Page 10: Major Maritime States & Ports in India
Page 11: Fragmented Logistics Industry
Page 12-13: ICDs in India
Page 14: ICDs/CFSs Operations
Page 15-18: Facilities & Benefits
Pre requisite & Regulations
Page 19-20: Set-up Requirements
Page 21-23: Regulations for Approval of ICDs/CFSs
Page 24: Archaic Legislation
Page 25: Procedures for Export & Import through ICDs
Page 26: Export & Import Cycle w.r.t. ICDs and CFSs
Government Initiative
Page 27: Investment in Logistics Infrastructure
Page 28: Container Terminal Privatization
Page 29: Logistics Support at JN Port – India’s Largest Container Port
Page 30: Planned Investment on Projects - JN Port (2010-2020)
Page 31-32: Expansion Projects - JN Port
Page 33: Projects in Progress - JN Port
Foreign Investment
Page 34-36: Foreign Investment
Market Influencers
Page 37: Summary
Page 38-43: Drivers

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