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World Wound Care Markets (Skin Ulcer, Burns, Surgical/Trauma)


The wound care market requires constant innovation and scientific research is ongoing to find ways of improving healing outcomes in all types of wounds. The wound care industry is an incredibly diverse and highly competitive arena that is ever-changing. Kalorama Information feels that the market will continue to expand over the long term due to an aging population, longer life expectancies, and an increasing number of sicker patients across all care settings.

This Kalorama Information report, World Wound Care Markets, is the latest edition of Kalorama's comprehensive look at markets for wound care products in skin ulcer, burn, and surgical/trauma applications. Included in this report:

World Wound Care Current Market Size and Forecast Regional Breakout of World Wound Care Market (Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, China, India, Brazil, Japan, United States, Rest of World) Competitor Market Share Revenues by Application (Skin Ulcers, Burns, Surgical/Trauma) Wound Closure Market Revenue Percentage by Segment (Collagen Sealants, Staples, Adhesives, Sutures) Wound Management Revenue Percentage by Product Segment (Debridement, Gauze, Tapes, Bandages, Wound Cleansers, Anti-Infectives) Moist Dressings Revenue Percentage by Product Segment (Foams, Alginates, Film, Hyrdrogel, Hydrocolloid) Biological Dressings Revenue Percentage by Product Segment (Collagen, Artificial Skin, Growth Factors) Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Market Estimates Pressure Relief Products Market Estimate Issues and Trends in the Industry Description of Products Profiles of Competitors

In the short term, there will be more ebb and flow in the industry due to changes in reimbursement, contract bidding Patients have more complex coexisting illnesses such as diabetes, heart failure, obesity, pulmonary and vascular diseases, immobility issues and chronic wounds. These factors are all influenced by future demographic trends, economic uncertainty, the impact of health care reform, increasing numbers of uninsured patients, reimbursement pressures from third party payers, continuing shortage of nurses and physicians and increasing technology and supply costs.


Table of Contents :



Introduction Scope and Methodology Size and Growth of the Market Trends Affecting the Market Competitive Outlook


Functions of Skin Normal Integument Epidermis Dermis Subcutaneous Tissue Effects of Aging on the Integumentary System Types of Wound Healing Wound Healing Process Delays of Wound Healing Complications of Wound Healing Hypertrophic Scars and Keloid Formation Contracture Dehiscence Excess Granulation Tissue ADHESIONS


Skin Ulcers Pressure or Decubitus Ulcers Diabetic Ulcers or Neuropathic Ulcers Arterial Ulcers Venous Ulcers Burns Thermal Injury Chemical Injury Electrical Injury Depth Classification Surgical Wounds TRAUMA WOUNDS

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