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Outsourcing in Drug Discovery: The Contract Research Organization (CRO) Market, 5th Edition



The drug discovery process is long, arduous and costly, which has driven outsourcing in this field. The first phase is discovery of a lead compound, a molecule that affects biological function by binding to a target protein or nucleic acid in a way that is useful for treatment of disease. The process by which molecules are identified for their therapeutic value involves synthesis and analysis of many derivatives of the original leads. There are several steps in the drug discovery process including hit confirmation, lead generation, lead optimization, and other studies. Drug discovery is a high-cost, risky business because only a fraction of the therapeutic targets selected for study will actually yield products that achieve regulatory approval by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Since the last edition of Kalorama's Report on the outsourcing of discovery of novel compounds in the pharmaceutical industry, the industry has seen dramatic change. Pharmaceutical companies facing cutbacks in R&D budgets and new demands for novel products need to outsource aspects of their operations. Core functions once kept in-house such as the discovery of potential new drugs are now commonly outsourced. Kalorama Information's Outsourcing in Drug Discovery captures this trend, offering unparalleled coverage of the drug discovery outsourcing market. It presents viewpoints from both customers and suppliers. Segments, size, and growth of the market are presented. The trend toward the increased use of offshore suppliers in China, India, Russia and Eastern Europe is covered in detail. The report also provides profiles of 23 suppliers, representative of those active in this market.

Segments covered in this report with market size estimates include:

Chemistry Services

Building Blocks
Compound Synthesis
Process Research
Other Services

Biology Services

Protein Expression
Structural Analysis
Target Validation
Pathways Analysis
Other Services

Screening Services

Assay Development
Primary Screening
Secondary Screening


Table of Contents :



Scope and Methodology Introduction Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges Number of NMEs and BLAs Approved Reducing R&D Spending The Drug Discovery Process Accelerating the Drug Discovery Process Bottlenecks Within the Drug Discovery Process Outsourcing To Increase Efficiency Outsourcing Drug Discovery The Outsourcing Decision Developing an Outsourcing Plan Contract Research Organizations Strategic Versus Tactical Outsourcing Model Effective Communication Mitigating the Challenges of Protecting IP Rights Offshoring Contract Drug Discovery Factors to Consider in Offshore Outsourcing Benefits of Global Outsourcing Concerns about Global Outsourcing Outsourcing to China Outsourcing to india Drug Discovery Services in India Outsourcing to Eastern Europe Drug Discovery Outsourcing Market Current Market and Forecast Global Economic Downturn has Minimal Affect on Drug Discovery Market analysis by Segment


Background Number of NMEs and BLAs Approved between - Reducing R&D Spending Ramping Up The Pipelines Outsourcing Drug Discovery The Outsourcing Decision Decision Criteria Factors To Consider In Offshore Outsourcing Benefits of Global Outsourcing Cost Advantage Access to talent and technologies Compress timeline Increase Production

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