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Challenges and Opportunities for the Wealth Sector in Indonesia 2012


 This report is the result of WealthInsight’s extensive research covering the HNWI population and wealth management industry in Indonesia.
 This report is a thorough analysis of the Indonesian Wealth Management and Private Banking sector, and the opportunities and challenges that it faces.
 The report features:
 • Independent market sizing of Indonesian HNWIs across five wealth bands
 • Number of wealth managers in each city
 • City wise ratings of wealth management saturation and potential
 • Details of the development, challenges and opportunities of the Wealth Management and Private Banking sector in Indonesia
 • Size of local wealth management industry
 • Detailed wealth management and family office information
 • Insights into the drivers of HNWI wealth
 Reasons To Buy
 • The WealthInsight Intelligence Center Database is an unparalleled resource and the leading resource of its kind. Compiled and curated by a team of expert research specialists, the Database comprises up to one hundred data-points on over 100,000 HNWIs from around the world. It also includes profiles on major private banks, wealth managers and family offices in each country. With the Database as the foundation for our research and analysis, we are able obtain an unsurpassed level of granularity, insight and authority on the HNWI and wealth management universe in each of the countries and regions we cover.
 • Comprehensive forecasts to 2016.
 Key Highlights
 • As of 2011, there were just over 37,400 HNWIs in Indonesia, with a combined wealth of US$241 billion.
 • The global private banking industry was estimated to have AuM of just over US$16.5 trillion in 2011. The Indonesian wealth management sector accounts for approximately US$16.6 billion of this, which equates to 0.1% of the global total.
 • WealthInsight’s research shows that a large proportion of local wealth is currently held offshore, mostly in Singapore-based private banks. HNWIs remain invested in Singapore for reasons such as tax avoidance and risk diversification, but also due to higher product sophistication across the straits.
 • Private Banks such as Credit Suisse, Julius Baer and UBS have been quick to develop their presence in Indonesia. Other international private banks such as JPMorgan Chase and Merrill Lynch still serve Indonesia’s HNWIs from Singapore.
 • The leading locally based private banks are Bank Mandiri, Bank Negara and Bank DBS Indonesia.
 • The capital, Jakarta, has by far the most wealth management head offices with 24, followed by Medan with two offices.


Table of Contents :


1 Introduction
 1.1 What is this Report About?
 1.2 Definitions
 2 Executive Summary
 3 Wealth Sector Fundamentals
 3.1 Political Background to the Wealth Sector
 3.2 Economic Background
 3.3 Benchmarking Indonesian Wealth in Context
 3.3.1 Distribution of wealth
 3.3.2 HNWI volume and wealth trends
 4 Competitive Landscape of the Wealth Sector
 4.1 Competitive landscape
 4.1.1 Private banks
 4.1.2 Wealth Managers
 4.1.3 Family offices
 4.1.4 Financial Advisors
 4.2 Developments in Indonesia’s Private Banking Industry
 4.3 Indonesian Wealth Management Industry – Clientele Model and Maturity
 4.4 Behavioral Mapping of Wealth Management and Private Banking Industry in Indonesia
 4.5 Porter’s Five Force Analysis – Wealth Management Industry in Indonesia
 4.6 Financial Services Review
 4.6.1 Retail banks
 4.6.2 Fund Management
 5 Appendix
 5.1 Regulatory Environment in Indonesia
 5.1.1 Banking regulations
 5.1.2 Regulations on Taxes
 5.2 Additional Country Background
 5.3 Key Economic Trends and Drivers
 5.3.1 LC to US$ exchange rate
 5.3.2 Real GDP growth
 5.3.3 Per capita GDP
 5.3.4 Domestic market capitalization
 5.3.5 Housing price index
 5.3.6 Commodity index
 5.3.7 Foreign direct investment
 5.3.8 Investments of FIIs in equity products
 5.3.9 Inflation rate
 5.3.10 Interest rate
 5.3.11 Balance of payments
 5.3.12 Government debt
 5.3.13 Stock market performance
 5.4 Wealth Breakdowns
 6 About WealthInsight

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