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Food and Beverage Packaging Trends in the U.S.: Consumer Viewpoints and Marketer Opportunities

Food and Beverage Packaging Trends in the U.S.: Consumer Viewpoints and Marketer Opportunities provides fresh, original and actionable analysis of how key consumer trends intersect with and impact food and beverage packaging. Packaging has increasingly moved beyond basic functionality into value-added features that amp up convenience, product quality and freshness, and eco-friendliness. Based on proprietary Packaged Facts survey data, this report analyzes which packaging attributes and innovations are most valuable to consumers and most likely to influence consumer behavior.

This report provides food manufacturers, marketers and brand managers, and retailers with answers to these key questions:

How do key consumer trends of quality, convenience and eco-friendliness impact food and beverage packaging? What's new in food and beverage packaging: examples and illustrations of new products What’s next in food and beverage packaging: trend translation tips What are the implications for manufacturers and retailers?

Our analysis treats specific packaging formats and features such as meal/salad kits, flexible pouches, stick packs, steam-in-bags, bio-based bottles, and easy/open-close in the context of market issues and priorities such as eco-consciousness, recycling, over-packaging and packaging reduction/bulk foods, natural/organic/local, healthy eating trends, product freshness, food purity and safety, on-the-go eating trends, purchasing for immediate consumption, and store brands.

From purchase at the shelf through consumption, packaging for food and beverages is evolving to intersect with consumer priorities. Categories and brands have benefited significantly when manufacturers and retailers have aligned packaging innovation with emerging consumer attitudes and trends. To navigate this dynamic environment, manufacturers and retailers must understand what will matter most to consumers and which packaging innovations can deliver benefits that actually impact buying behavior.

Table of Contents :


Chapter 1: Executive Summary


Scope and Methodology

Report Methodology

Role of Packaging for Consumers

Figure 1-1: Percent of Consumers Dissatisfied With Packaging Options Available: By Product Type, 2012

Figure 1-2: Percent of Consumers Who Strongly or Somewhat Agree With Selected Grocery Packaging Statements, 2012

Table 1-1: Summary of Consumer Comments Concerning Dissatisfaction with Packaging for Various Product Types

Chapter 2: Food

Figure 2-1: Grocery Packaging Features That Consumers Consider Especially Important, 2012 (percent of consumers)

Flexible Pouches

Figure 2-2: Percent of Consumers Who Purchased a Grocery Product in a Stand-Up Flexible Pouch in the Last 30 Days, 2012

Figure 2-3: Product Types Purchased in a Stand-Up Flexible Pouch in Last 30 Days, 2012

Figure 2-4: Preference for Stand-Up Pouches Over More Conventional Packaging, 2012 (percent of consumers)

Figure 2-5: Reasons for Preferring Stand-Up Pouches, 2012


Brand Image

Table 2-1: Relative Importance of Grocery Packaging Features by Demographic Group: Seeing Product Inside Package, Realistic Image of Product, Attractiveness of Design, 2012

Illustration 2-1: Talenti Gelato

Table 2-2: Index for Agreeing a Lot That You Always Look for Brand Name on the Package: By Demographic Group, 2012

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