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DNA Sequencing Equipment and Services Markets, 3rd. Edition



This report, DNA Sequencing Equipment and Services Markets, represents the third time Kalorama has detailed the market for DNA sequencing systems, as well as consumables used in sequencing and sequencing services. Much has changed since the last Kalorama edition of this report. More companies are offering sequencing services. The market was moving in a relatively linear manner for about two years in terms of competition, with no disruptive technologies or business models introduced. After a period of relative stability, the market has seen major developments in 2011 and 2012. The introductions of the Ion Torrent PGM, PacBio RS and MiSeq have changed the situation in the market, with more new technologies expected from Ion Torrent as well as Oxford Nanopore.

DNA sequencing can be defined as any biochemical method for determining the order of the nucleotide bases, adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine, (A,G,C,T) in a DNA nucleotide. DNA Sequencing has accelerated research and discovery, which created a brisk market for sequencing systems that perform this work. TXThe growing availability of vast amounts of annotated sequence data permits life science researchers to undertake a much wider range of experiments.As part of the report’s coverage, the following data is provided:

- Current Market Estimate
- Historical Market Data since 2006
- Forecast to 2016
- Review of Major Company Sequencing Products
- The Status of Next Gen Systems
- Clinical Applications vs. Research Applications in Sequencing
- Litigation and Intellectual Property Developments
- Deals in the Industry
- Market Share of Major Players
- Challenges and Strategic Recommendations

It is the beginning of a revolutionary time for the life sciences. Pricing changes, purchases by first-time users. Consortia, initiatives, a Groups have been organizing to sequence hundreds or thousands of individuals, species, tumors and the like in a short period of time – the 1,000 Genomes Project, the 1,001 Arabidopsis Project, and many others, many of which are covered in Chapter 2 – Trends. Longer-term, questions still remain for broad areas that are seen as large opportunities, such as disease prevention and diagnostics.

The market remains volatile, but some patterns have been stabilizing in recent years. The report uses primary and secondary research to present market watchers with an assessment of the marketplace in 2012. As part of its coverage, the report profiles the following companies:

- 454 Life Sciences (Roche)
- Complete Genomics
- Illumina
- Life Technologies
- Pacific Biosciences


Table of Contents :


Introduction New Systems, Services Create Uncertainty A Period of Rapid Adoption, But Lower Prices Further Longer-Term Challenges Rapid Growth Overall, But Intense Competition Customers’ Research Models Evolving Established Next-Generation Systems Seeing Slowdown Background Scope and Methodology Applications and Definitions Types of Samples DNA Sequencing Strategies


Industry and Technology Trends Market Fragmenting Into Multiple Product Types and Applications Continual Improvements Expand Sequencer Market Acquisitions and Collaborations for New Technologies Patent Infringement, Other Legal Disputes Slow Path to Potentially Large Clinical Markets Spread of Targeted Enrichment, Sequence-Capture Products and Services Synergies Appearing Between Life Science Companies’ Products Consumer Genomics, Genetic Testing, Pharmacogenetics Still Entering Mainstream NHGRI Funding, Budget, Periodic Strategic Planning NHGRI Shifts Funds from Centralized Sequencing Centers NHGRI White Paper #4: The Future of Genome Sequencing Genome Projects and Consortia The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Project National Plant Genome Initiative NSF/USDA Microbial Genome Sequencing Program

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