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Every big Ducati event weekend there’s always a standout bike people leave the track talking about and Laguna Seca was no exception.  What was interesting about the bike that stood out a few weeks ago onLaguna Seca Ducati Island was that under normal circumstances, in a literal sea of Ducati’s, a 999 Superbike would be just another nice bike among hundreds of other nice bikes.  But this 999 stopped people in their tracks.  Subtle and elegant, the AreteAmericana 999 Italia is a lovely piece of work.  It’s also clearly a professional build. One look at the 848 swingarm and the beautiful custom seat treatment and it had my attention (as well as a good bit of respect)  so I decided to follow up with Bryan Peterson, who built it, to learn a bit more about this interesting bike, and how it came to be....

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