Nine Dangerous Things You Were Taught In School - Jessica Hagy | Mapmakers |

   Be aware of the insidious lessons you learned as a child. To thrive in the world outside the classroom, you’re going to have to UN-learn them all. The Nine Most Dangerous Beliefs you were taught in school and have to UN-learn as fast as possible. 

   The > Alternative Suggestions are offered by Peter Hoeve:

1. The people in charge have all the answers > Judge Answers of People by their Results;

2. Learning ends when you leave the classroom > Learning is a State of Mind;

3. The best and brightest follow the rules > Choose or Make your Own Rules to Follow;

4. What the books say is always true > Books reflect Opinions, search your Own Truth;

5. There is a very clear, single path to success > Success is in Moving towards the Objectives You are Committed to;

6. Behaving yourself is as important as getting good marks > Followers get small Rewards, Doing your 'Right Things' Pays off Big in the End;

7. Standardized tests measure your value > Your Real Value speaks out of your Heart and Behavior;

8. Days off are always more fun than sitting in the classroom > Spent your Time always the Way You see most Fit;

9. The purpose of your education is your future career > Education serves you no Purpose, though it offers Some Opportunities.