Where Gladwell gets Wrong: the Real Problem is Scale Mismatch - Zeynep Tufekci @TechSoc | Mapmakers | Scoop.it

The main problems facing humanity today are climate change, resource depletion, economic devastation, environmental destruction and for those unfortunate to be living in particular regions of the world, war, epidemics, and dire poverty.


And all these main problems are global in scale and just cannot be affected at the local level.


The race-to-the-bottom structure that has been enacted through decades of neoliberal policies has effectively freed the powerful from constraints at the local level.


Our sociality tends to be local the scale of the action required to confront today’s problems is global.


What we need is simultaneous action for citizen-powered mandates on state and corporate conduct. That should wipe a few grins off smug faces. Does anyone imagine we can organize something on that global scale without the Internet? Let me know.


Article Gladwell: http://nyr.kr/9Y92DZ .

Article Granovetter - The Strength of Weak Ties: http://bit.ly/Ue3Raf .