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Reverse Engineering User Awesomeness - Kathy Sierra

Reverse Engineering User Awesomeness - Kathy Sierra | Mapmakers |

Kathy Sierra on the Reverse Engineering of Business Models and finding a Sustainable System by 'User Awesomeness'. Some clues:

1. Focus on what the User does;

2. Give Users Superpowers Quickly: 80/20 in 30 minutes;

3. Offer better Gear AND help them Justify the Expense;

4. Motivate and Inspire Users: by making it Easier to Do;

5. Make the User feel Smarter and Awesome;

6. Shrink the 10K hour afap: Patterns, Practice & Immersion;

7. Make your Product Reflect their Feelings;

8. Play your Guiding Role in the Users Journey.

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Scooped by Peter Hoeve!

Creating Passionate Users [Video] - Kathy Sierra - In: TOC 2011

Passionate Kathy Sierra reveals how to create Passionate Readers:

- Get to know your Readers - What do you DO?

- Readers are Users - What do you really NEED and wanna USE?

- Put your Focus on the Context - What do you wanna use it FOR?

- Make the Context User Friendly - How do YOU wanna use it?

- Bake the Passion inside - How would you LOVE it Best?

- Help your Reader Excell - How can this help you to KICK ASS?

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