Social Business Design [Infograph] - Mark Smiciklas @intersection1 | Mapmakers |

   A Social Business is like a city. Build yours one neighbourhood at a time. Social business design – adopting the use of social technology, flattening corporate structure and shifting towards less siloed operational models – helps organizations achieve business objectives as the marketplace becomes more digitally connected.

   Social business draws on trends in technology, work, and society. Companies should care about social business because they can improve business outcomes. The core principles touch on all areas of a business, whether for business-to-customer engagement, employee-to-employee collaboration, or supply chain optimization. Making social business work requires focus on a company’s culture, connections, content exchanges, and measurement and analytics.

   A post recently published by Dave Gray really helps crystallize the idea of social business design. In The Connected Company Gray uses a series of “city” metaphors to clearly explain how a social business is a “complex, adaptive system.” His post inspired the following information design. My goal here is to present a visual interpretation of these ideas aimed at building high level understanding and prompting discussion.


Bonus Information: The Connected Company about the City Metaphor - .