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Managing the Transition
The Great Transition, a global shift of our paradigms, ways of thinking and lifestyles.
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Rescooped by Fab GOUX-BAUDIMENT from Content Curation World!

Digital Curation Among Key Future Jobs: TheFutureShow with Gerd Leonhard

This is episode #3 of The Future Show (TFS) with Gerd Leonhard, season 1. Topics: In the future, most repetitive or machine-like tasks and jobs will be large...

Via Robin Good
Miloš Bajčetić's curator insight, May 26, 10:40 PM

Very interesting video, but regarding point 3. that "We are moving to right-brain work-jobs" I must note there are no "right-brain" jobs. This left-right brain distinction is oversimplified neuromyth.


“The latest findings from the real neuroscience of creativity suggest that the right brain/left brain distinction does not offer us the full picture of how creativity is implemented in the brain.* Creativity does not involve a single brain region or single side of the brain.” (

Stephen Dale's curator insight, May 28, 2:46 AM

The future of work. 

Bettina Ascaino's curator insight, June 9, 7:53 PM
Robin Good's insight:



Media and technology futurist Gerd Leonhardoutlines his vision of the future of work given the many profound changes shaping the planet during the coming decades.


Key highlights: 


We will be able to offload tedious, repetitive work to computers and robots who will replace rapidly many of our present jobs

At the same time entirely new jobs will be created - for example:
Digital Curation 
Social Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Designers 

We are moving to right-brain work-jobs - that is: storytelling, emotions, creativity and imagination, negotiation 

Education prepares us by having us learn things that we may need later. But in most cases we don't need those things but we rather need to know how to learn new things.

More craftmanship-type of jobs like cooks, makers, hackers, coders, will fluorish as computers-machines cannot replicate such skills (yet)



Original video: ;


Full episode page: ;

Rescooped by Fab GOUX-BAUDIMENT from E-Learning and Online Teaching!

Is Content Curation in Your Skill Set? It Should Be. by David Kelly : Learning Solutions Magazine

Is Content Curation in Your Skill Set? It Should Be. by David  Kelly : Learning Solutions Magazine | Managing the Transition |

“Curation is an important skill to develop, especially in an environment in which more and more organizations shift towards self-directed learning for their workers. Now is the time for learning and performance professionals to develop this new skill set.”

Via Dennis T OConnor
MAría Rosa Arias's curator insight, September 24, 2013 7:21 AM

Muy bien explicado que es Curació de Contenidos

Elizabeth B's curator insight, October 21, 2013 5:04 PM

Insight into the value of social media and curation, and how to make sense of overwhelming amount of information online. Ideas about new ways to think about learning I.e. Informal and learner-led education.

Claudie Graner's curator insight, January 20, 2:25 AM

To avoid being swamped....curate...