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Complex systems and projects
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Scooped by Philippe Vallat!

Wicked Problems

Wicked Problems | Complex systems and projects |
A wicked problem is one for which each attempt to create a solution changes the understanding of the problem. Wicked problems cannot be solved in a traditional linear fashion, because the problem definition evolves as new possible solutions are considered and/or implemented. The term was originally coined by Horst Rittel.Wicked problems always occur in a social context -- the wickedness of the problem reflects the diversity among the stakeholders in the problem.



Christine Aizpurua's curator insight, October 29, 2013 8:08 PM

Avancer par pallier du problème vers la solution en reformulant, en collaborant et en utilisant des outils (mindmap, brainstorming, jeux de rôles....)

Rescooped by Philippe Vallat from Black swans, risks and crisis!

From Cascading Complexity To Systemic Collapse: A Walk Thru "Society's Equivalent Of A Heart Attack"

From Cascading Complexity To Systemic Collapse: A Walk Thru "Society's Equivalent Of A Heart Attack" | Complex systems and projects |

To make the systems we depend upon more resilient ideally we would want more redundancy within critical systems and weaker coupling between them. Localization and de-complexification of basic needs (food, water, waste etc) would provide some societal resilience if systems resilience was lost. We would have more buffering at all levels, that is, larger inventories throughout society.

All this is the very opposite of the direction of economic forces.



Philippe Vallat's curator insight, October 11, 2013 2:55 AM

How vulnerable is our society?