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Complex systems and projects
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The Downsides of Avoiding Complexity

The Downsides of Avoiding Complexity | Complex systems and projects |
By embracing the complexity of today’s intricate systems that knit together the programmatic audience buying landscape, we arm ourselves with more tools.
Philippe Vallat's insight:

I like that one: "The course of history has shown that irrationality is one of our specialties, which means there’s no one better than a human to think like a human."

Eli Levine's curator insight, April 24, 2014 11:55 AM

You gotta take the whole that is present, and make intutive sense of it in order to make anything valuable out of "big data".


The human brain can only process so much information.  Most likely we will have to use computers to translate the big data into the relevant chunks that we need in order to understand a given situation and to then make choices based on those decisions relative to all sorts of policy and programatic situations, in business and in society.


You can't simplify things and just take things at face value anymore.  It didn't really work then, and it certainly should not be used now that we ought to know better.


It's amazing to me how human beings fail to register these things!


Think about it.

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The Complexity of Simplicity

The Complexity of Simplicity | Complex systems and projects |
Great work @jayselway! "@smoothannah: The Complexity of Simplicity"

Via Pascale Mousset, ShirlyRonenRL
Philippe Vallat's insight:

Good tips for avoiding "bad" - or unusefull - complexity

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Scooped by Philippe Vallat!

Komplexe Projekte: Machen wir es doch "einfach"

Komplexe Projekte: Machen wir es doch "einfach" | Complex systems and projects |

Einfache Sachen können kompliziert zu handhaben sein, und umgekehrt können komplizierte sogar komplexe Sachverhalte einfach dargestellt werden. Ein Blog-Artikel von Greg Satell und die dadurch ausgelöste Diskussion vertreten diesbezüglich interessante Sichtweisen und veranlassen mich, zum Thema „simplicity“ ein paar Worte zu verlieren.

Philippe Vallat's insight:

"The best that we can do is:

  • keep entities simple (i.e. Situationen ja nicht „verschlimmbessern“)
  • accept that systems become complex (denn dagegen gibt es kaum etwas zu tun)
  • and seek to manage that complexity (Einfluss nehmen, prägen, mitgestalten)
  • while understanding that it can not be controlled" (Bescheidenheit).
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