Tinkering Fundamentals: Integrating Making Activities into Your STEM Classroom | MakerSpace in the School Library Media Center | Scoop.it

Tinkering is an age-old human practice that has recently been introduced into the educational field as a potential driver of creativity, excitement, and innovation in science learning. It is seen by many as an effective means to engage students in exploring STEM concepts, practices and phenomena. Tinkering typically blends the high and low tech tools of science along with a strong aesthetic dimension that supports children’s self expression. For over a decade, the Exploratorium has been developing science-rich tinkering activities. Working with learning scientists, we have identified a set of design principles and indicators of learning that can help you to integrate tinkering activities into your elementary and middle school science programs. This course will focus on key design elements of high quality science-rich tinkering activities, facilitation strategies, and environmental organization. Selected classroom tinkering activities will involve electricity and magnetism as well as force and motion.  Using a library of video exemplars, we will review the ways in which tinkering supports students' science learning through providing opportunities for them to deepen engagement, intentionality, innovation, collaboration, and understanding. This course will excite you, inspire you, and get you and your students tinkering in no time. 

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