House D by HHF architekten | architecture..., Maisons bois & bioclimatiques |

Located in Nulgar, Switzerland, House D by HHF Architects has an oriention parallel to the landscape, making the view a matter of prime importance- aross more than 180 degrees, vistas include verdant land with mature fruit trees.

The design accentuates the site with a few simple moves: The main level is an open space – with the kitchen as well as dining and living areas – and alongside a concrete core, the stair to the upper and lower floors. The space is entirely glazed and blends seamlessly with the space outdoors. The outdoor space itself is an oversized terrace overlooking a pool. Because the terrain slopes downward slightly, the wood deck is elevated, which protects the main living space from the curious glances of passers-by.

Via Lauren Moss