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architecture..., Maisons bois & bioclimatiques
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Rescooped by a.typique Patrice BIDEAU from sustainable architecture!

House L by Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten

House L by Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten | architecture..., Maisons bois & bioclimatiques |

House L, located in Oosterhout, The Netherlands, is a spacious home with a design that takes the landscape into consideration and creates a strong connection to the environment.


From Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten:

“The existing landscape, the orientation to the rural surroundings and the planning conditions were the deciding factors in the siting of the dwelling at the rear of the plot. The ground floor was raised with respect to the current ground level, with large glass surfaces positioned to look out over the rural landscape and terraces running the length of the building with an unbroken roof surface on corbelling, all of which allow the outer space to be experienced to the full. At the same time, the large roof projections are designed to prevent too much light entering.

Vertical Western Red Cedar boarding was chosen for the façade cladding, and the roof has a moss-sedum roof covering. The restrained detailing combined with the shape and the materials chosen give House L an ultra-modern appearance, but one that is entirely at home in its rural surroundings.”

Via Lauren Moss
Gareth Williams-Wynn's curator insight, November 12, 2013 1:51 AM

This site is always an inspiration for me. I like the way that this design deals with the landscape and the way that the building sits lightly on the ground.

Rescooped by a.typique Patrice BIDEAU from sustainable architecture!

Bioclimatic House in the Canary Islands, Spain

Bioclimatic House in the Canary Islands, Spain | architecture..., Maisons bois & bioclimatiques |

This bioclimatic house, by Estudio José Luis Rodríguez, is a self-sufficient structure integrated into the terrain of the Canary Islands, a landscape characterized by a continuous terracing of the extreme topography.


In response to this site, the design features a basalt stone wall that supports a light structure of plywood, galvanized steel walls and glass.

The building's orientation is determined by solar radiation; photovoltaic panels produce electricity, in order to achieve zero carbon emissions. The living area is connected to the outside with a space that is protected from sun and wind, while a wall located in the sleeping area to the north has a high thermal mass for passive temperature control.

The design also aims to reduce its ecological footprint on the use of materials and construction systems by using local materials (basalt wall insulation covered with volcanic lapilli, for example), environmentally certified materials and no harmful elements, such as VOC compounds in synthetic paints and varnishes.


View more images of this unique, contextural and contemporary green project at the link to ArchDaily's feature...

Via Lauren Moss
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