Mafia heads
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Untitled Document | Mafia heads |
Neena Zona's comment, March 13, 2013 8:28 PM
Al Capone was arrested and while he was in jail Chicago's mafia fell to pieces. "Lucky" Luciano became the new Chicago boss and made some new changes. Luciano changed organized crime from back rooms and bars to bigger and more profitable businesses. With help from Bugsey Siegel they built a casino in Las Vegas and began to do the things that they were doing in New York, prostitution and gambling, only in Las Vegas it was legal. This launched Las Vegas as biggest place for mobsters to be.
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1. Outside from what I can find in a source, what can you tell me about the mafia?

      Other than whats all ready known I dont feel comfortable talking about it.

2. How have laws changed as a result of mafia related crime?

      The RICO law (The Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act) was developed to stop organized racketeerring activity. The lottery which we used to run is now legal because the government taxes it.

3. How did the mafia come into power?

      The mafia in Italy all fled to America and lived together in their own community in order to not be taken advantage of and they set up their own laws for the people to live by. 

4. Why do you think they mafia had so much power?

     We had so much power because their used to be loyalty and no one questioned the boss, everyone had a position. The power came into affect when the five families split up terriority and stopped fighting with each other. The bosses were low key and no one knew who was in the mob. 

5. Many sources stated that the mafia does the same things that the government does. Do agree or disagree with this statement and why?

     I agree, the only difference between what we did and they do is that the governments is taxed, so they are making money. And if the government is making money its okay. We used to write numbers and now we have the lottery. We gambled and now there are casinos. 

6. The media portryas the mafia to be all bad, what, if any, is the "good" in the mafia?
     We looked out for the advancement of Italian immigrants, so we could get them out of the slums and enough money to raise a family.

7. In your opinion do you think the mafia will ever go completely go away? Explain. 

      No, there will always be illegal activity. The hunger for power and money will keep the mafia going on one level or another.

8. How does the media distort the reality of the mafia?

     I think that they media protrays us as thugs when in reality  all the men that i have come in contact with  have been very intelligent men just working for the wrong side. 

9. Did you know growing up you were in a mob family? How/When did you find out?

     No, I didnt know I was in a mob family, my dad died when I was 15 and at age 17 I started with some small mafia business. I didnt find out my dad had been involed untill I was 25 at a funeral from an distant family memeber.

10. How do you think historical events shaped the evolution of the mafia?

     Prohibition gave us an opportunity to make large amounts of money. That money was used to buy legitimate businesses, and we used it in Las Vegas where we made money with gambling. Gambling developments of Alantic city provided the opportunity to get involved with labor unions. A big one was the truckers union, if the truckers went on strike that meant that no one would be able to get anything, this held power. It gave us money and the power to paralyze America. This led to be able to control votes for politician which is where you get the real power from, when you can influence a political race. 


Tami Yaklich's comment, March 20, 2013 9:29 PM
Great info from interview source!
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Organized Crime - American Mafia

Organized Crime - American Mafia | Mafia heads |
Neena Zona's comment, March 13, 2013 11:52 AM
Congress decided to create a committee that could be used specifically to investigate organized crime. This committee was named the Kefauver Committee. In 1957 the New York state police came across on accident a huge mafia meeting that included more than 60 mob bosses. After this the government could no longer hide that there was in fact an American Mafia.
Neena Zona's comment, March 13, 2013 12:33 PM
Joseph Valachi was the first mafia member to publcily announce that there was in fact an American Mafia. although his words never led directly to a mobster being convicted he broke the code of conduct by speaking out. He told the government alot of imformation about mafia rituals and operations, he helped in solving many uncleared murders, and also named many members of the mafia and the major crime families.
Neena Zona's comment, March 13, 2013 12:42 PM
Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano was another major mob boss to speak out against the mafia. Gravano was an admitted "underboss" of the Gambino crime family, and he became the highest-ranking mob memeber in history to turn government witness. He spoke out against the mob so that he would be granted government proctection. Gravanos testimoney put 36 of his mafia friends in jail.
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Lots of excellent information. I'm looking forward to your presentation!
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Good job synthesizing info and putting it into your own words.
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Score: 30/30
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History Files - Al Capone

History Files - Al Capone | Mafia heads |
Neena Zona's comment, March 13, 2013 5:22 PM
Al Capone is one of the most welll know mobster in America. This is because of how succesfull he was with organized crime. He was very good at hiding and advoiding murder because he had the most extensive spy network in Chicago. One of the things that Capone is most well known for is the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. This shooting killed seven men but Capone was stated to be in Florida at the time so he couldnt be tried for these murders. One thing that s different about Capone is that although he had a very short temper and was quick to kill he also cared about the less fortunate people. Capone was the first person to open a soup kitchen and would give things away at his own expense. Capone went to jail for tax evasion because the could never get enough evidence to try him for mob activity.
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The Mafia in the United States

The Mafia in the United States | Mafia heads |
The American Mafia rose to power in the first part of the 20th century and has since been involved in a range of illegal activities.
Neena Zona's comment, March 13, 2013 9:21 PM
The illegal liquor trade in Chicago was leaded by Capone in the early 1929's. Because of his huge success many other mobsters were trying to knock Capone down. Along with these people was Capone"s biggest vival "Bugs" Moran. Moran had attempted in the past to kill Capone, but now Bug Was after Capones number 1 hit man, McMurn. On February 14, 1929 McMurn had his gunman dress up as police men and usher them into a warehouse garage. They then killed seven of Bugs Moran men but Bugs Moran had escaped the slaughter. Al Capone was automatically thought of as the man be hide this but he was in Florida at the time. This slaughter was named the St. Valentines Day Massacre and caused Al Capone to be named "Public Enemy Number One".
Neena Zona's comment, March 13, 2013 9:27 PM
Every mobster family had their set rankings of power. Most faimlies were headed by a boss who led with authority and received money from every job that people in his familiy did. Next was the underboss who took on all the jobs that the boss didnt want to deal with. After the underboss were capos'captians who were in charge of a group of 10 inducted men.Every family also had a consigliere who was the advisor for the boss. Lastly was the associates who were people that were not fully a membver of the mafia but would do jobs for them. Since associates were not in the mafia they were not required to be fully Italian.
Neena Zona's comment, March 13, 2013 9:31 PM
To get "in to" the mafia there are many things that you need to go through, like an initiation. In initiation the new members have to prick their fingers and mix their blood so that it symbols they all all one in the mafia. Another thing was lighting a picture of a saint on fire while taking the oath of loyalty. For the main crime families it was required that you kill someone before you were allowed in to show that you would do anything for the mafia. The mafia is a life time commitment of loyalty. Some rules include never turning on one another and never cheating on a members significant other.
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Gangrule | Mafia heads |
A historical look at the emergence of the New York Mafia through 1900–1920
Neena Zona's comment, March 13, 2013 12:20 PM
Ignazio Lupo, nicknamed Lupo the Wolf, was one of New Yorks most feared mobsters at age 25. Lupo was arrested for connections in "The Barrel Murder" but was later released due to lack of evidence. Even though Lupo was not convivted many more mobsters were and it was one of the first big arrest. Lupo was also involved with the Grocery Conspiracy which is where Lupo made all Italian grocers buy suppplies from him and if they did not their buisnesses would be bomed or burned. Lupo was arrested many imes throughout his lifetime but always came up with the bail money and he got out of evey jail sentence. This is why he was so feared becuase no one could bring him down.