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Scooped by Paul P Roberts!

Google's death ray

Google's death ray | Made me smile |
Paul P Roberts's insight:

With the news this week that Google and other search vendors are going to have to put in place  a way for history to be be removed I was reminded of this fantastic cartoon. 

It summarises both the good and the bad that people see, not only Google but other larger organisations. 

In this instance I find it ironic that having developed a way for us to find and locate  things people are trying to find, I have lived in the pre-internet world, that we might now seek to stop them from doing so.  

In the way that reputation companies were looking to remove this history for those prepared to pay I wonder if companies will start to provide a service to store the things Google is removing.

Paul P Roberts's curator insight, May 16, 2014 5:28 PM

This made me smile, thinking about the way we often perceive large companies