Xstream Launches new Ingest Service [PR] | The Machinimatographer | Scoop.it
One of the biggest challenges within the OTT and TV Everywhere space today is how to ensure a simple ingest workflow when importing media assets from various content providers. For many service providers with a large media assets library, the ingest workflow can be a major headache with different processes for dealing with multiple video input formats, metadata formats, subtitle formats, applying DRM encryption and transcoding for multiple platforms.

In order to meet these challenges Xstream is now launching a new 'Ingest Service' that greatly simplifies the ingest of media assets and offers a completely transparent process to fit into any media rollout. Additionally, the Ingest Service collects content from multiple sources with ease with a minimum of human resources needed, enabling customers to reduce time spent on setting up ingest workflows, decrease time to market and scale their offerings faster, better and wider than ever before.
Via Nicolas Weil