3D Impact Media Launches RealityCreator and RealityMapper 3D Post Production and Conversion Tools | Machinimania | Scoop.it

3D Impact Media launches the RealityCreator and the RealityMapper at the animago Award & Conference in Berlin. The tools make it simple for visual effect artists to create, convert and postproduce 3D content. In addition, the tools bring 3D to the next level and make it possible to create glasses-free 3D content.


The RealityCreator enables the artist to upgrade 2D images or videos to 3D-ready content. This can be done fully automated or semi-automatically. The RealityMapper transforms your stereoscopic content (with 3D glasses) into autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D content. It also allows the correction of stereoscopic 3D material.

Via Nicolas Weil