Something Startling This Way Comes -- The Role of Wonder in Biz Stories | Machinimania |
This stage in story design is itself another face of wonder. Wonder is experiencing something anew. At first, wonder opens us to the moment, feeling suspended in time and space for a few seconds. Or a few months.


Wow -- what a gem of an article! I love love love it.  It's perspective is unique, different and so right on.


The author, Jeffery Davis, tackles the emotion of wonder and how critical it is for 'storytellers and business artists' (that's us, BTW) to understand it, and build it into our organizational stories.




Davis does a great job explaining 2 types of wonder and how they relate to business and business storytelling. He talks about why working with wonder is important, and then goes on to suggest how we can bring wonder into the stories we share.


Run -- don't walk -- to read this significant piece. You will be glad you did!

Via Karen Dietz, juandoming