Remixing and sharing have come to define the web as we know it, all of us can now be part of that story through simple tools that allow us to make things online.


But video has been left out. It arrived on the web in a small box, and there it has remained, completely disconnected from the data and the content all around it. In fact, in over a decade on the web, the only thing that has changed about video is the size of the box and the quality of the picture.


Popcorn changes all of that. It's an online tool that allows anyone to combine video with content pulled live directly from the web. Videos created with Popcorn behave like the web itself: dynamic, full of links, and completely remixable, and finally allowed to break free from the frame.


popcorn project:


popcorn maker (coming november 2012):


Via Alex Briscese, Nicko Gibson