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10 iPad Apps Everyone Should Have

10 iPad Apps Everyone Should Have | Machinimania |

The first thing most people do after buying an Apple iPad is head to iTunes and start downloading apps. But with thousands to choose from, where do you start? Sure, Apple makes some recommendations, but who knows how they create their list. Apple also makes it pretty easy to see what is most popular, but does anyone really need three different versions of Angry Birds? If you want essential apps that improve almost everything you do with your iPad, start with this list of 10.

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The Egg

If i should pick the "Machinima Movie off the year 2011" it would be this.


I know most people of the machinima community have seen it, but i have to put it in here. This site would newer be completed without it. 

Beside that it's Award Winning almost where ewer it has been committed too, it have something else that make it the winner. It's a movie one will newer forget.


"A philosophical exploration of the nature of the afterlife, god and human kind"is a very good way to describe it. I think you have to see it for your self. Words doesn't give it the credit it deserves.


It was made in iClone 4 and have the glitches from there but you will forget it as you see it. It doesn't matter. This movie will touch your soul.


Made by Animatechnica based on a story by Andy Weir, starring Richard Grove and Jorge Campos. Music composition by Jesse Pringle.

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My best Website Builder surggestion

My best Website Builder surggestion | Machinimania |

It´s easy, it´s fast, it does all the technical stuff by it self and check for bugs and errors and it deliver professional results. You don´t even have to know anything about html or other technical matters. It´s genius. :-)

Sonny Bill's comment, October 13, 2011 5:43 PM
It don't got no spell checker then? ;)
Henrik Safegaard - Cloneartist's comment, October 13, 2011 6:31 PM
It does Sonny Bill, but Scoop It don´t. I have tried to correct the misspelling i made.
I´m Danish so pardon my language (and spelling) ;-)
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