Ninth Annual BSA Global Software Piracy Study | Luxembourg (Europe) |
BSA's annual study shows global PC software theft grew to a record $63 billion in 2011.


This year's BSA Global Software Piracy Study marks the first time a large sample of computer users around the world have been asked directly, "How often do you acquire pirated software or software that is not fully licensed?"


The answers people have given to that and other questions reveal sharp divides between the habits and outlooks of computer users in emerging and developed markets.


Those differences help explain why the global piracy rate hovered at 42 percent in 2011 while a steadily expanding marketplace in the developing world drove the commercial value of software theft to $63.4 billion.


Gust MEES: ===> I include also #cybersecurity! Why? Illegal downloads of software can't get updated anymore, so, thus meaning: vulnerabilities found in such software will be not fixed and computers running such software are vulnerable to malware and certainly infected one day!!! <===