Inhalable Chemotherapy May Offer Superior Lung Cancer Treatment | Lung Cancer Dispatch |

A new drug delivery system attaches chemotherapy drugs to nanocarriers–microscopically tiny particles–to create an inhalable lung cancer treatment. Because this approach delivers drugs directly into the lung, it minimizes their effects on the rest of the body, potentially reducing side effects. The drugs also reach the lungs in their most potent form, without being degraded after injection into the bloodstream during transport to the lung. In addition to chemotherapy, the nanocarriers can also deliver another type of small particle, called siRNA, designed to combat drug resistance. In a recent study, this inhalable combination treatment drastically shrank lung cancer tumors implanted in mice, and resulted in 83% of the drug being delivered to the lung, compared to 23% when the drug was injected. However, further testing is necessary before this treatment can be investigated in human clinical trials.