Wrongfully Convicted – Approximately 10000 a Year « Legal Corrections Advocacy Group | Luna vs Dobson | Scoop.it

The purpose of the judicial arm of the government is to ensure that justice is upheld, it is not about money, votes or popularity. Though it seems that wrongful convictions are doled out for any number of reasons and innocence ignored even when blatantly obvious. Often times wrongful convictions result in the wrongful conviction and wrongful imprisonment of an innocent person. Even when there is exuberant false evidence, wrongful convictions occur. Often times technology, such as that in dna exoneration cases is not allowed, despite the fact that there have been over 300 documented dna exoneration cases. Wrongful convictions are just plain wrong for a number of reasons – they rob people, the falsely convicted, the family and friends of the wrongfully convicted as well as the public as a whole for the costs and losses incurred through such convictions. A college report, that resulted in the first national registry of exonerated people, the report found that ‘More than 2,000 people have been exonerated of serious crimes since 1989′