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With summer fast approaching, this is a good time to think about your children’s health. They may have been busy with school and many of us lean on quick meals and sedentary rewards throughout the colder months. But as the weather turns, this is the perfect opportunity to make sure your kids are learning healthy exercise and nutrition habits.


>>Is exergaming really suitable exercise?

The President’s Council on Fitness has teamed up with video game companies to show how (some) video games can be used to promote fitness. In some situations, gaming may actually be a valuable part of a modern healthier lifestyle.  


>>Children and exercise
A research review linked physical activity in children with better academic performance. If you have young children, we recommend setting them up for a healthier future by making sure they are active.


All through our lives, exercise and activity appears to enhance health and even brain power. But today, even preschoolers aren’t always getting enough activity. Modern games and activities are often more sedentary. To develop healthy habits and healthy brains, we may have to think back in time to days of silly games outside.


Ask yourself—did my child go outside today?


>>School Food
Overhauling the school lunch program to fit better with the changes parents try to make at home. The menu still offers pizza and fries, but a number of changes make for a healthier midday for the kids.